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Biztech Mar 16, 2012

APC Launches UPS For SMEs

By Staff

APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, today launched Back-UPS Pro, the most energy efficient backup unit designed to protect homes and businesses from experiencing the inconvenience caused by power outages, minimise energy consumption and help the consumer save as much as Rs.2000 a year on electricity bills.

“Power is becoming more critical and hence our R&D is aligned towards Schneider Electric’s commitment to use energy productively and efficiently, aimed at profitability and environment-friendliness. Keeping this in mind, APC is introducing the Green UPS line with Back-UPS Pro, which not only saves data but also optimises power consumption. Poor power environments and outages could mean losing important data or even an entire PC network. APC’s Back-UPS Pro guarantees the necessary power backup availability for users to remain up and running and save their work – eliminating the consequences and high costs caused by downtime”, said Gurudutt M., Director - Home and Business Networks, APC India by Schneider Electric.

Power continuity for businesses has become very crucial especially in Tier II and Tier III cities where there are frequent power outages. The new product line, Green UPS, is APC’s endeavor to encourage consumers to take the first step towards becoming more responsible towards the environment. The Back-UPS Pro is the first UPS in India with intelligent green features like, power saving outlets that automatically turn down idle peripherals, high efficiency charging system and “AVR Bypass” to reduce power consumption. The Back-UPS Pro comes with a unique software called the Powerchute 3.0 which monitors power management, diagnostics and carbon footprint.

A key differentiator in the Back-UPS Pro, not present in any other UPS in the market, is the presence of an LCD panel which provides users with real-time status of critical diagnostics and system information like the load, estimated runtime, input voltage, etc. Users no longer have to decipher the alarm signals coming from a UPS unit – a touch of a button will silence the alarm and users can simply scroll through the display to find information without having to consult a manual. The Back-UPS Pro provides up to 3 hours battery backup and can be connected to 5 desktops at a time.

by Staff

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