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Biztech Aug 17, 2010

Glodyne To Implement Labour Mgmt System 'Mahashramm'

By Staff

Glodyne Technoserve Limited has launched the largest Labour Management System, 'Mahashramm' to be implemented in the State of Maharashtra. The project which is on a public private partnership model was inaugurated on 15th August by the Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Ashok Chavan. Glodyne, has been selected as 'Total service provider' to deploy this unique solution.

'Mahashramm' is a comprehensive system designed to interlink the industries, the shops and establishments, the construction contractors and other unorganised sector's employers through the Labour Department and Banks. 'Mahashramm' is devised to create a win-win situation both for the Labour and Industries by empowering the labour on one hand and bringing transparent interface to the businesses on the other hand.

The deployment of 'Mahashramm' would make use of technology to increase efficiency and transparency in the current system. 'Mahashramm' encapsulates process automation for the internal departmental users, an online web based portal for the business users for filing of statutory requirements and window for the labourers for seeking information and sharing their grievances. The key benefits of 'Mahashramm' are:

  • Seamless integration of all labour laws
  • Creation of "No frills" bank accounts for 20 million beneficiaries.
  • Ensuring proper payment of wages and other labour dues
  • Complaints window for the employees
  • Online licenses, renewal of licenses for businesses
  • Online filing of returns and online application for exemptions etc
  • Feedback window for all
  • Systematic analysis of labour returns for the department
  • Enable the department in tracking compliances and perform effective compliances
  • Generation of automatic alerts

Speaking on the project Ashok Chavan, Chief Minister –Maharashtra said, "The initiative will ensure effective and transparent implementation of the labour laws and appropriate use of technology will lead to the true empowerment of the labour population of the State. The labourers form a significant part of the population and with this project they will be immensely benefited by the services of 'Mahashramm'. We believe that one of the best ways to accelerate the speed of technology adoption is through close partnerships between the public sector and the private sector. I am confident that we shall be able to better the lives of millions of State labourers through this project."

Speaking on the occasion Annand Sarnaaik, Chairman & Managing Director, GlodyneTechnoserve Limited said, "We at Glodyne, appreciate the vision of the Government of Maharashtra to become the first State in India to allow technology intervention in revolutionising the Labour Management in the State. 'Mahashramm' will be a benchmark project in technology driven implementation of the Labour Management System in the country. We believe that Technology can have a dramatic positive effect on people's lives. 'Mahashramm' is a step in the right direction to empower the State's labour department, the business community and millions of labourers, with a system which is robust and effective as well as deploys path-breaking technology. Glodyne has built strong IPR's, services and solutions for implementing social initiatives and we see ourselves playing an important role in empowering the nation. Glodyne is proud to be associated with such a prestigious and transformational project."

by Staff

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