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Biztech Nov 30, 2011

HP Announces New Information Optimisation Solutions

By Biztech2.com Staff

HP has extended its Information Optimisation portfolio with new solutions that help bridge the ‘Human Information’ and ‘Extreme Data’ to drive insight, foresight and action. These solutions are targeted to help enterprises turn information, intuition and ideas into insights to drive better decision making.

An explosion of data is being driven by new sources that challenge traditional methods for storing and analysing information. Today, only 15% of data is found in structured formats that computers understand. “Human Information,” data found in video, audio, email, texts, social media and more accounts for 85% of the world’s data and provides richer meaning by consisting of ideas and concepts.

In addition, the growing amount of “extreme information,” generated from sensors and tags provide new opportunities for organisations to exploit. This full continuum of data presents real challenges to today’s enterprises.

New research conducted on behalf of HP reveals that one out of three executives in India indicated that more than half of the information within their organisation remains unconnected, undiscovered and unusable.

Around 60% of the executives surveyed indicated that their organisations lack an effective information strategy that cuts across organisational silos, technologies and strategic functions. In addition, less than 1% of surveyed executives said their organisations can deliver the right information at the right time to support the right business outcomes 100% of the time.

“Exploiting information across its many forms is the next big wave to drive competitive advantage,” said Kamal Dutta, director, Asia Pacific and Japan, HP Software. “Until now, enterprises were tied to only using 15% of the data available to them. With HP’s strong portfolio of Information Optimisation solutions, enterprises can harness the power of 100% of their data to drive insight, foresight and action,” he added.

by Biztech2.com Staff

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