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Biztech Sep 21, 2012

HP Launches HP 3PAR Program For VMware Environments

By Staff

HP has announced the HP Get Virtual Guarantee Program, enabling clients to improve server virtualisation return on investment by doubling physical server virtual machine performance when deploying HP 3PAR Storage in VMware environments.

The HP Get Virtual Guarantee Program promises qualified participants a minimum two times increase in virtual server density by doubling the total virtual machine workload on existing physical servers. This program can reduce the costs of a customer’s rapidly growing VMware virtualisation environment.

If a two times increase in virtual server density is not achieved, HP will provide participants with the disk capacity and related HP software and support necessary to achieve the guaranteed program results.

A key component of HP Converged Infrastructure, HP 3PAR Storage delivers high storage-performance levels for the unpredictable workloads typically generated in virtual server environments, as well as in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. HP 3PAR Storage is integrated with VMware vStorage technologies and combined with unique built-in features such as the HP 3PAR Gen4 ASIC, automatic load balancing, wide striping and a Mesh-Active clustered architecture, enabling clients to maintain peak infrastructure performance levels as new virtual servers are brought online.

“To manage exponential data growth, organisations need a storage architecture that can meet their requirements without increasing datacentre size and maintenance expenses,” Gary Green, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware. “HP’s Get Virtual Guarantee Program, leveraging high-performance HP 3PAR Storage and VMware cloud infrastructure, can help our customers maximise physical resource utilisation and drive down costs.”

by Staff

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