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Biztech Aug 10, 2012

Indian Navy Deploys SAP Solutions For Financial Management

By Biztech2.com Staff

SAP AG has announced that the Indian Navy has adapted SAP solutions to manage the navy-wide Financial Information System (FIS).

With SAP solutions, the Indian Navy will be able to better manage budget, enhance transparency to top management and ensure data integrity and consistency for better decision making. The FIS supported by SAP ERP Central Component, SAP Force Deployment for Defence & Security package and SAP BusinessObjects Access Control application will provide across-board visibility and probity in the areas of budgeting, procurement, financial planning and accounting to the organisation.

Entrusted with the responsibility to safeguard the coastline, the Indian Navy is required to upkeep, upgrade, modernise and support the large fleets spread across the country through the Navy budget. SAP FIS system will link four naval headquarters with material procurements, establishments for ships, naval stores and armament’s depots across different locations in the country. The project has enabled the Indian Navy with a comprehensive view into allocation and reallocation of funds, receipts and recoveries, expenditure and estimates that have to be processed and sent to and from the central database.

"SAP is pleased to be part of Indian Navy’s vision to be the technology enabled and networked force capable of safeguarding maritime interests of the country,” said Mathew Thomas, Vice President - Strategic Industries, SAP India. “The FIS system powered by SAP, provides the organisation a unified central system to make decentralised decisions with clearly visible authority, responsibility and accountability,” he added.

by Biztech2.com Staff

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