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Biztech May 7, 2012

Informatica Announces New Cloud Integration PaaS

By Staff

Informatica Corporation, the independent data integration software provider, has announced the latest release of Informatica Cloud, its family of cloud data integration solutions. Informatica Cloud currently processes more than 1 billion cloud integration transactions per day. The new Informatica Cloud Spring 2012 release delivers the industry’s most comprehensive cloud integration platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering, including a Cloud Connector Toolkit, Cloud Integration Templates and new enterprise features.

Informatica Cloud Spring 2012 introduces the new Informatica Cloud Developer Edition, which brings together a cloud connector toolkit and dynamic cloud integration templates enabling developers to rapidly embed end-user customisable integration logic and connectivity into cloud applications using Informatica Cloud.

Informatica Cloud Developer Edition enables SIs and ISVs to build, customise and deliver native connectivity to any cloud or on-premise business and social applications that have published Web Services APIs. With the new Cloud Connector Toolkit, developers have access to a Java-based API to quickly create high-performance connectors that run as sources or targets within Informatica Cloud. Developers can also make their connectors available on the Informatica Marketplace.

Informatica Cloud Developer Edition also introduces Cloud Integration Templates, which allow application developers and ISVs to design and run custom data workflows between applications in the cloud or on-premise, using Informatica Cloud. Application developers can leverage these templates to embed advanced Informatica Cloud data integration functionality into their own cloud solutions, taking advantage of capabilities such as pre-defined, yet easily customisable, integration templates for specific industries and processes.

Additionally, it makes available a restful API providing the ability to dynamically configure process-centric templates. It also provides tools for easily creating entirely new Cloud Integration Templates including the ability to publish them on the Informatica Marketplace.

The Spring 2012 release provides new features to enable integration for hybrid enterprises like the easy migration of cloud integration objects between development and production instances. It also enables the easy migration between instances of Informatica Cloud to support object reuse, sandbox development and rapid implementation time.

SuSE Linux support for the Informatica Cloud Secure Agent and support for version 24 of the Salesforce Web Services API, is also made available.

“The Spring 2012 release marks a major milestone in the evolution of Informatica Cloud, introducing new developer and enterprise capabilities to make Informatica Cloud the preferred cloud integration solution for a wide variety of partners and organisations globally,” said Juan Carlos Soto, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Informatica Cloud.

“The new Cloud Connector Toolkit and Cloud Integration Templates, along with the ability to deliver and consume pre-packaged solutions via the Informatica Marketplace, expand Informatica Cloud’s simple-to-use cloud integration services to also provide a comprehensive integration platform as a service our customers and partners can use to quickly and seamlessly embed integration into their applications, platforms and processes,” he added.

by Staff

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