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Biztech Aug 23, 2012

Malware Campaign Targeting BlackBerry Customers Detected

By Staff

Websense ThreatSeeker Network intercepted a malware campaign targeting BlackBerry customers. These fake emails state that the recipient has successfully created a BlackBerry ID. The messages then continue, "To enjoy the full benefits of your BlackBerry ID, please follow the instructions in the attached file." That, of course, is an attempt to lure victims into running the attached malware.

The malicious email itself is a copy and paste of a legitimate email from BlackBerry. And though the attachment indeed raises suspicion, there's no malicious or compromised URL in it.

ThreatScope analysis, which is a part of the Websense CSI service, reports that running the attachment drops other executable files and modifies the system registry to automatically start these malware programs when the system starts.

by Staff

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