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Biztech May 21, 2013

Trend Micro Ramps Up Its Cloud Security Optimised For AWS

By Biztech2.com Staff

Trend Micro Inc., the cloud security solutions provider, has announced new advancements in its cloud and datacenter security solutions that simplify, automate, and extend security for organisations running their enterprise applications and storing sensitive data in the cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments.

Trend Micro Deep Security as a Service provides a comprehensive suite of security capabilities delivered from the cloud that are specifically designed to augment AWS’ existing security capabilities. Deep Security as a Service takes advantage of AWS APIs to automate and simplify the deployment process while not impeding the flexibility and scalability of AWS.

The service offers proven security for servers deployed in the AWS environment. Trend Micro Deep Security delivers enhanced security to AWS’s core offerings including host-based intrusion detection/prevention and firewall, hosted on AWS. These complement additional key capabilities for securing servers, including anti-malware, web reputation, and file integrity monitoring, as a part of a single, integrated suite. Deep Security as a Service offers customisable policy templates and automated rules managed from a single administrative console, dramatically reducing administration time.

To support the way businesses use the cloud, Trend Micro Deep Security as a service is built on AWS, leveraging the power and agility of the cloud to deliver a scalable, highly available service. Deep Security as a Service can be setup and deployed in minutes, supporting the elastic way that organisations use the cloud. Through this innovative service, organisations can easily add additional enterprise security capabilities to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) deployments. These capabilities can be immediately and automatically turned on when a new Amazon EC2 instance is created, removing the risk of time lag between creation and additional security tuning. The service also comes with an investment model that reflects this on-demand environment--a simple flat rate per server hour.

Deep Security is optimised for AWS deployments to dramatically reduce the time and cost of setting up and maintaining additional security best practices. It provides instant-on active deployment of host-based intrusion detection/prevention and firewall, as well as anti-malware, web reputation, and file integrity monitoring. The included auto-sync capability dynamically detects new Amazon EC2 instances allowing customers to maintain security policies as their environment scales. It also provides detailed Amazon EC2 specific instance information that can be used to automatically extend security policies without administrator intervention.

“Ensuring the security of our customers’ data is our top priority. We work closely with our partners like Trend Micro to help them provide security solutions that complement the existing Amazon Web Services security features,” said Terry Wise, head of worldwide partner ecosystem, Amazon Web Services. “We see Trend Micro’s latest innovations and offerings as valuable capabilities for organisations to easily and effectively extend proven security practices to their cloud deployments.”

by Biztech2.com Staff

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