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Biztech Jun 24, 2013

Windows 8 Enhances Productivity And Security At Kancor

By Biztech2.com Staff

Kancor Ingredients Ltd. has adopted Windows 8 and as a result, is experiencing enhanced productivity and security. With Windows 8, Kancor has managed to build a secure environment that delivers a user-friendly interface and enhances IT management efficiencies, functionalities and capabilities in office products and cloud connectivity. With the upgrade to Windows 8, Kancor is able to provide an exciting and improved platform to its employees to work on, which automatically helps in enhancing their productivity.

Windows 8 is great for SMEs like Kancor Ingredients Ltd. because it delivers enterprise-grade capabilities that IT departments need. With the power and familiarity of the desktop, new ways to interact with the line-of-business Windows Store apps, and support for more mobile form-factors, Windows 8 is the ideal solution for businesses including SMEs. Also, with its end-to-end security features and manageability enhancements, Windows 8 helps businesses to be more productive.

Amrish Goyal, Director Windows Group, Microsoft said, “In the era of everyday new technology, companies need to upgrade their software and systems on a regular basis to take full advantage of the various features of Windows 8 and to bring ease to their employees. This is exactly what Kancor Ingredients Ltd. did and is now enjoying enhanced productivity and security. Windows 8 is also providing new opportunities for line-of-business apps with easy compatibility and manageability to the company.”

According to Rajesh MP, Group Leader – IT, Kancor Ingredients Ltd., “We have migrated some of our PCs to Windows 8, and the user experience has been satisfying. Windows 8 provides us with improved performance and system reliability and provides an effortless PC experience. While providing speed and security, Windows 8 improves on the basics of Windows 7. The latest design is more intuitive and live tiles enable easy search of applications and files. The Live Tile mode is very helpful in organising applications. We hope to deploy Windows 8 on more laptops, in the next two months.”

Some of the enhanced features of Windows 8 that are helping Kancor Ingredients Ltd. are:

  • Mobile Broadband and Metered Connection: The built-in mobile broadband features of Windows 8 integrate support for 3G and 4G telecommunication and are enabling mobile workers to connect to the Internet instantly
  • Free Antivirus (Windows Defender): Windows Defender is a free anti-malware software that is included with Windows
  • Sky Drive: This provides 7 GB of free cloud storage to Kancor employees and is available from anywhere
  • Fast start-up and shut-down times
  • Longer battery life
  • Windows Intune: This cloud offering enables Kancor to manage and patch its remote devices
by Biztech2.com Staff

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