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Biztech Sep 10, 2013

Winjit Technologies Reduces Infra Costs By 30%

By Staff

Winjit Technologies, a mobile application development company, has deployed Windows Azure to manage its IT requirements more effectively and has reduced its infrastructure cost by 30 percent. Winjit needed to partner with a strategic cloud solutions provider to cater to the explosive growth in the reach of their mobile applications.

Ashwin Kandoi, Co-founder, Winjit said, “Windows Azure has proven to be the cloud platform that helps us focus our energy on doing what we do best – build high quality apps – without worrying about where our backend infrastructure is. In fact, seeing the success and the cost benefits of moving to Windows Azure, we are now considering moving our complete infrastructure over to Azure!”

Winjit leveraged Windows Azure services such as support for PHP, Java and Linux and Azure media services that helped create a media streaming server on Azure in no-time. By migrating its development infrastructure - Team Foundation Server and Exchange Server - to the Windows Azure platform, Winjit’s cost per development seat has also reduced significantly.

“Winjit has been able to reduce their infrastructure cost and accelerate the development of their applications by migrating to a cloud environment. In less than two weeks, we moved most of Winjit’s existing marquee mobile apps to Windows Azure,” said Srikanth Karnakota, Director Server and Tool Business, Microsoft.

Before deciding upon Windows Azure, Winjit had evaluated cloud services from other vendors as well. However, looking at the benefits of Windows Azure, such as its ability to scale up to the required demand in a short span, security, pay-as-per-use facility and disaster recovery capabilities, Winjit finally chose Windows Azure which met all its requirements at a price point that provided rapid return-on-investment.

by Staff

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