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Corporate Sep 1, 2013

Tickling the funny bone of your interviewer may land you the job!

New York:Job candidates with a sense of humour are more likely tobe hired, a new study has found.

The research also found that when two equally qualifiedcandidates were compared, those who were involved in theircommunity and those who were better dressed were more likelyto get a job.

Additionally, hiring managers said they are more likelyto hire a candidate with whom they have something in common.Employers also said they are likely to hire a candidatewho is physically fit, on top of current affairs, involved insocial media or knowledgeable about sports, according to thestudy conducted by CareerBuilder.

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"When you're looking for a job, the key is selling yourpersonal brand," said Rosemary Haefner, vice president ofhuman resources at CareerBuilder."Employers are not only looking for people who areprofessionally qualified for the position, but also someonewho is going to fit in at the office," Haefner said.

The research was based on the responses of more than2,000 hiring mangers and HR professionals, 'BusinessNewsDaily'reported.

One-third of the employers surveyed also said they aremore likely to promote employees who have asked for apromotion in the past.Additionally, hiring managers said there are several waysworkers can hurt their chances of receiving a promotion.

Forexample, 71 percent of hiring managers said workers who say"That's not my job" will not get a promotion.Some other common mistakes that hurt employees' chancesof a promotion include being late to work, lying, takingcredit for other people's work and leaving work early.

Moreover, workers who gossip, take liberties withexpenses, don't dress professionally and swear are alsounlikely to receive a promotion, the researchers said.


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